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Prometheus Rising

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

The scene is set in 8th Centaury Greece, a young titan makes off with a precious and novel element from the heavens: Fire. He spirits this precious gift to mankind and with that single act of bravery, propels a new age of civilization.

This young man's name was Prometheus and by daring greatly, he became the poster child for forethought, intelligence and advancement. It is a very old story. Old enough to belong to all of humanity, having since passed into the realm of myth: the collective unconscious repository of all human experience.

The story is a typical hero's journey fraught with struggle, set-backs, a chance encounter with a helper, transformation and a return to the place where it all began to know it for the first time. In this regard it is the perfect analogy for the process of therapy: An individual's journey to self-awareness, with all it's ups and downs.

I am drawn to the figure of Prometheus. For me, he represents our individual striving to be our own champions. He represents our ability to be courageous - and it takes a lot of courage to take on therapy with it's uncanny ability to set our beliefs loose. In my practice, the name Prometheus affirms the hero figure in all of us as we strive to achieve the highest good for ourselves and for others.

Zeus punished Prometheus for his hubris in a rather cruel and graphic manner, (if you have the stomach for it, you can read more about it here) but ultimately Prometheus prevailed, if only by being ensconced in myth. Sometimes the awareness that comes from self discovery can be very uncomfortable, but if tolerated, that same discomfort is a portal to unimaginable capacity. Therapy is the process of allowing our higher-selves to reach down to us in our lowest lows and lift us up.

So be courageous.

Begin your own hero's journey with me at Prometheus Kenya and become your truest self.



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