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The Self Mastery Webinar

A year long odyssey to true well being

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This webinar is a great opportunity for anyone looking to understand themselves better, make the most of their greatest strengths and live a life of fulfilment and satisfaction. The mental health model focuses more on mental illness than mental wellness. And while there's a place for that. It's time to change the narrative and take a proactive approach to our wellbeing. You deserve better than just getting by. The bottom line is: Mental wellbeing is the truest marker for the quality of your life. And mental wellness is about Self Mastery. On this year long journey, you will learn: -Really interesting facts about how your mind works and how to master it as a tool -How and why the mind malfunctions and misconceptions about happiness and wellbeing -The successful practice of what psychological science describes as "the good life" This whole program is designed such that you can join a single webinar and still get great value. You can also participate in the entire process from start to finish and really make 2023 (and part of 2024) your year of Self Mastery. This coming Saturday (11th March) we'll be learning about why it's so difficult to make changes even when we know what's good for us. We'll learn evidence based skills for overcoming this barrier and share our successes and struggles throughout the week with other heroes and heroines on the Self Mastery Journey. Participating in the Saturday webinar sessions will get you access to: -A recording of the session to re-watch when you need to -A printable worksheet(s) to use throughout the week -Access to a community of like-minded people to support you on your wellness journey (optional) The Scheduled Webinars for the Month of March COMPLETED: March 4, 2023: How the Mind Works: THIS SATURDAY: March 11, 2023: The Gap Between Knowing and Doing March18, 2023: What Exactly Is Personality March 25, 2023: The 4 Aspects of Authentic Well-being To make a booking, make a payment to Till No.: 9007949 and then fill out the registration form on the other side of this button

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